Trapline Association

The Trapline Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in northwest Montana.  The Association has four objectives:

  1. To promote and engage in activities of benefit to the Badrock Canyon community, also known as the Trapline, that will include the towns of Hungry Horse, Martin City, Coram and West Glacier.
  2. To raise funds through these activities to aid and support Canyon services and individuals in need.
  3. To promote knowledge of the association and its events to increase attendance and revenues.
  4. To promote good relations with individuals, businesses and other organizations to accomplish the goals of the Association.


The Officers of the Association which form the Executive Committee for the period of June 2013 thru June 2015 are:

  • President:  Stacey Schnebel
  • Vice President:  Greg Vorhees
  • Secretary:  Holly Wadsworth
  • Treasurer:  Nonie Pruett

Together, the Executive Committee and the Committee heads form the Board of Directors for the Trapline Association.  Committee heads are appointed by the Executive Committee; tentative positions are as follows:

  • Operations:  Tim Mavis
  • Children’s Events:  Jamie Foster and Jennilee
  • Vending:  Michelle Nedved
  • Donations:  [vacant]
  • Fundraising:  Lori Kaml
  • Float:  [vacant]